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Rock Revival

Anabela B224

Anabela B224

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Discover timeless elegance and feminine sophistication with our exquisite women's bootcut jeans in deep dark blue. The intricate decorative stitching, the precisely crafted bootcut cut and the subtle lily motif give these jeans a sophisticated and elegant touch. The intense honeycombs and whiskers create an authentic vintage look that is a testament to precision craftsmanship.

The bootcut cut not only elegantly accentuates your silhouette, but also gives the jeans a contemporary touch. The subtle dark blue coloring creates a classic look, while the subtle lily motif adds a touch of sophistication. These jeans are more than just a piece of clothing; they are an expression of individual style and timeless elegance.

The intricate decorative seams underline the high-quality workmanship of these women's bootcut jeans. With their unique combination of precision craftsmanship, the exclusive bootcut cut, the subtle lily motif and the intense honeycomb and whiskers, these jeans are an exquisite companion for a stylish and elegant look. Get these women's bootcut jeans now and go for timeless elegance with a touch of feminine sophistication, made with the highest quality and inspired by timeless US designs.

98% cotton, *2% spandex

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