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Rock Revival

Talli J201

Talli J201

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Immerse yourself in timeless elegance and the highest quality with our exclusive women's straight jeans, straight from the heart of Los Angeles. The elaborate decorative stitching, the artistically embroidered signature reverse fleur-de-lis motif and the high-quality RR leather back patch make these jeans a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The intense honeycombs and whiskers give the jeans an authentic vintage look and add a modern accent.

The straight cut gives you a classic silhouette and combines it with contemporary charm. The light wash gives the jeans a fresh and lively look. These jeans are not just a piece of clothing, but a statement of femininity and style, whatever the occasion.

The meticulous decorative stitching, the embroidered signature reverse lily motif, the high-quality RR leather back patch and the intense honeycombs and whiskers make these jeans an exclusive companion for a stylish and modern look. Choose these women's straight jeans now and opt for timeless elegance with the highest quality and sophisticated details from the sunshine state of America.
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