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Jael J205

Jael J205

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With the "JAEL J205", you can experience American craftsmanship and style in all their glory. The opulent embroidered signature reverse lily motif on the back pocket, combined with striking leather patches, as well as eye-catching honeycombs and whiskers, make these jeans a true work of art.

The jeans are not just designed, but actually created in Los Angeles, the pulsating metropolis of creativity. The meticulously stitched seams, buttons and rivets are examples of master craftsmanship. Thanks to innovative washing treatments and outstanding denim quality, the "JAEL J205" not only offers style, but also maximum comfort and durability.

In an intense blue, these jeans make a statement of individuality. The alternative straight fit lends modern style, while the RR back patch on the waistband emphasizes the connection to American heritage.

With the "JAEL J205", you are not just getting a pair of jeans, but a piece of American history and urban lifestyle in your closet
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