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Brycen J200

Brycen J200

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Experience the unique mix of stylish luxury and casual western aesthetics with our "BRYCEN J200" straight jeans. The artistically embroidered signature reverse lily motif on the back pocket gives the jeans an artistic touch and tells stories of adventure. The honeycomb and whisker effects give the denim an authentic touch that radiates timeless elegance. The design, straight from the heart of Los Angeles, captures the spirit of the city and is reflected in the innovative denim quality. The light-colored seams and detailed embellishments on the pockets, buttons and rivets set individual accents and underline the unique character of the jeans. With a straight fit in intense blue and a striking RR back patch on the waistband, "BRYCEN J200" is a statement for luxurious comfort and casual western vibes. The intense washes give the jeans an extra touch of individuality that underlines your personal style. "BRYCEN J200" - your choice for stylish luxury and relaxed western vibes.
98% cotton 2% spandex
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