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Rock Revival

Duck Green A201

Duck Green A201

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Immerse yourself in the unique world of our men's jeans in blue denim with distinctive stitching and an exclusive 5-pocket design. The back pockets are a real eye-catcher with a vibrant, multicolored embroidered signature reverse lily motif that emphasizes the attention to detail.

The outstanding quality of these jeans is evident in every detail and promises not only a luxurious feel, but also timeless elegance. The RR patch on the back sets striking accents and gives the jeans an exclusivity that catches the eye.

The eye-catching honeycombs and whiskers give the jeans a modern, lived-in look. The blue denim look completes the overall look, giving the men's jeans a casual touch and making them an unmistakable highlight in your wardrobe.

With our men's jeans in blue denim, you are not only investing in fashionable style, but also in the highest quality and expressiveness. Order now and experience the fascinating mix of urbanity and timeless elegance!

99% cotton 1% spandex

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