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Greyton A208

Greyton A208

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Experience the relaxed California lifestyle with the "GREYTON A208" - 5-pocket jeans that not only impress with their eye-catching design, but also with their high-quality manufacturing. The embroidered signature reverse lily motif on the back pocket is an eye-catcher and symbolizes the creative spirit of Los Angeles. The intensive honeycomb and whisker treatment gives the jeans a unique texture and underlines the high quality of the denim. Designed in Los Angeles, the "GREYTON A208" embodies the casual street style of the Californian metropolis and makes a statement for urban chic. The bright coloring of the contrasting seams and the detailed embellishments on the pockets, buttons and rivets give the "GREYTON A208" not only an aesthetic touch, but also a pinch of individuality. The light blue of the jeans brings freshness to your look and underlines your casual elegance. The alternative straight design ensures a modern fit, while the multicolored RR back patch on the waistband adds a striking accent. This patch is not only a visual highlight, but also a symbol of the precision craftsmanship and high-quality production of the "GREYTON A208". With "GREYTON A208", you are not just getting a pair of jeans, but a piece of Californian joie de vivre and quality in your closet. Emphasize your individual style and opt for a pair of jeans that not only meet the highest standards in terms of fashion, but also quality.
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